Luxury Spa in Marrakesh

Relaxation and well-being

Discover a prestigious place, like a haven where the expertise and skills of "beauty artisans" have been enriched over the years, with the power to tone, tighten and leave you feeling completely relaxed.

An unforgettable beauty experience with natural products, which will delight visitors in search of harmony and a change of scene.

Shiseido Treatments

For its Spa, Les Jardins de la Koutoubia chose Shiseido. A "glamour" without ostentation, stemming from refinement, sophistication and simplicity, which can be subtly found in the ingredients and texture of the products, as well as in the service. 

The Shiseido Spa is a place to experience a unique blend of Eastern Philosophy and Western Science, infused with 'Omotenashi', Japanese unique hospitality.

At Shiseido, we believe that your outer beauty gives you confidence and fulfills your inner beauty. Reflecting a stronger beauty on the outside results in your outer and inner beauty growing and expanding indefinitely.


Oriental Treatments

To create their Spa treatments, Les Sens de Marrakech simply looked back historically, talking to women who carry on the old traditions to understand and transcribe beauty routines as it has been for years in the
East. The treatments, with products combining effectiveness and texture, were made through a journey of discovery of another culture.

A gentle waft of fragrance guides you into a dimly lit room, ancestral objects immerse you in the history of a country, hands massage you and transport you to another world thousands of kilometres away from your everyday life.

The Spa offers

  • 8 Treatment and Massage Rooms
    4 Turkish baths
    1 Hairdressing Salon
    1 Indoor Pool with Jacuzzi*
  • 1 Fitness Center
    1 Relaxation Area and Herbal Tea Room 

*Reserved exclusively for adult clients (16+) undergoing treatments.